If someone had told you 10 years ago that you would see this, you would have told them they were crazy!


Today, PSG played the first preparatory match of the season and defeated the low league Quily Rouen with 2:0.

The mixed team of the French champions did not have too many problems against a much weaker rival and won with goals from Sergio Ramos and Jaidi Gassama.

The greatest credit for Sergio Ramos’ goal went to Messi. The Argentinian forced a penalty, then left it to Ramos, who scored for 1:0.

Ramos and Messi became very good with each other in Paris. Nobody could have imagined that about 10 years ago, or even less, because they were great rivals on and off the field.

Sergio was the captain of Real Madrid for many years, Leo led Barcelona. There were heavy blows, fierce insults, and no one thought that they would ever see a friendly relationship between these football players.


However, professionalism is clearly high in both of them. Messi and Ramos hang out a lot in Paris, especially during club activities and talk often.

It was the same today in the match. They often exchanged words, and then the Argentine decided to let his teammate take the penalty.

If someone had told you 10 years ago that something like this would happen, you probably would have called them crazy.