He shocked the world by admitting that he goes to China only for money: 5 years later he returns home as a rich man


The Brazilian Oscar (30) was once considered a great talent of Brazilian football.

In 2012, he arrived at Chelsea with the status of a budding star, but in his prime he decided to leave Europe and in 2017 he went to the Chinese Shanghai SIPG.

He admitted that he went to China for money. He wanted to secure his life to the end and succeeded in that. In the past five years, he took 100 million euros from the Chinese from the contract alone.

“China has financial power and the players cannot refuse such an offer. Every worker will accept a better financial offer for the sake of his family,” said Oscar and continued:

“I come from a poor family that never had anything. This is the fruits of my hard work and I feel like a winner because of this deal.


Oskar has never been affected by the criticism that he left Europe in his prime.

“I am not interested in criticism. I thought about the family and the future. I don’t want to be poor in my old age and live on memories”, Oskar is honest.

“If I didn’t need money, I wouldn’t leave Brazil at all.” I believe most players would make the same decision as me. “I know that playing in China after Chelsea is a step back, but I repeat that I could not refuse the money,” said Oscar.

After five years in China, where he filled his pockets, the 30-year-old midfielder is now about to return to Brazil. Negotiations with Flamengo have begun and it could easily happen that Oscar signs for the Brazilian giant.