Milan gets the big summer reinforcement!


During the summer, only two clubs showed a serious intention to bring Charles De Quetelare – Milan and Leeds. From the moment the Yorkshire club offered €37,000,000, Club Brugge wanted to sell him to England. But the Rossoneri are determined to make the Belgian champions relent and let the player go with a second bid of around €35,000,000. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara believe it will be decisive.

Almost a month ago it was known that there was nothing from Leeds. De Quetelare has written off the Premier League side and said he only wants to go to Milan. The Rossoneri haven’t had a true playmaker, the original ten that Kaka was, for years, if not a decade, and looking at what Kevin De Bruyne’s successor has been doing in Belgium, it looks like they’re finally going to get one. A five-year contract with a salary between 2,000,000 and 2,500,000 euros per year has already been prepared for the 21-year-old trequartista.

“In the past I was afraid to leave Bruges, but now I feel that I am ready,” De Quetelare said a few months ago in an interview with Eleven Sports.

No wonder he feared a painful separation after arriving at the Jan Breidel Stadium in 2008 as a seven-year-old. In fact, he learned everything he knows about football and with the ball right there. But after a season in which he helped with 14 goals and seven assists, i.e. he was one of the key players for the blue-blacks’ third consecutive title, it is clear that it would be a shame to lose the talent in the homeland, with all due respect to Belgian football.


What Milan will get if they don’t insist on spending the planned €37,000,000 in Bruges, is an offensive player capable of dictating play from his own box to the opposition’s box. He will get a player who will connect the game, distribute final passes, but if necessary he will also be able to cover the position of a classic point guard. In his senior career so far, he played almost half of the matches as a nine and recorded the most impressive numbers in those circumstances. However, Pioli already sees him as a link between the central midfielders and forwards in his 4-2-3-1 formation.

With quality, tactical intelligence, incredible progress, De Quetelare impressed all the important management structures of Milan. Especially Maldini, who has apparently been given the go-ahead by management to take all necessary steps to sign him. The first offer with bonuses reached 30,000,000 euros, and the next one, as we said, will be close to 35,000,000. Throughout their history, the Rossoneri have spent more money on just a handful of players. And most of them were failures like Leonardo Bonucci, Lucas Paquette, Andre Silva, Mattia Caldara and Krzysztof Piontek. However, in Milan they hope that reinforcements are on the way that will leave their mark like Filipe Inzaghi and Rui Costa.