United has a new coach, but Ten Haag has the same problem!


Just a few days ago, it was confirmed by Eric Ten Haag that Harry Maguire will continue to be the captain of the team.

Although that decision of the new coach did not find sympathy among the fans, some of the fans still had their say in the preparatory matches that United played these days.

Harry Maguire was again booed on several occasions, which clearly indicates that he does not have the support of the fans, after the nightmare season he had.

Fans who pay expensive tickets for matches and are not satisfied with the players have a guaranteed right to express their opinion and dissatisfaction from the stands, and Maguire is an easy target for them.


But what the United coach said after the last match the club played, should reach every fan who tries to boo the captain.

“Believe me, that whistling is counter productive,” Ten Haag said.

Maybe that’s true, but it’s all up to Maguire, he has to play good defense again, deny the fans and stop their criticism from the stands.