A poor taxi driver found Neuer’s wallet, the latter insulted him with the move!


Manuel Neuer recently lost a wallet, which was later found by a taxi driver and returned to the goalkeeper.

Then Neuer made a move that did not please the taxi driver who returned it to him.

Neuer was taking a taxi when his wallet simply fell out of his pocket. A taxi driver was fixing his vehicle at the end of his shift and found the wallet and documents from Manuel Neuer in it.

The Bayern goalkeeper lost all his credit cards, as well as 800 euros in cash, a BILD journalist reveals.

The taxi driver decided to return the wallet, so he left for Manuel Neuer’s address. He did not find him there, so he went to another location, where he knew that Neuer had real estate.


He sincerely hoped for a solid reward, but then he was humiliated by the German.

Two weeks later he received a package containing a signed shirt from Neuer, without any thank you note or anything else.

“The prize is bullshit!” I have four children and what should I do with the shirt?”, complained the taxi driver who obviously expected some financial satisfaction because of that service.