Uruguay on their feet, Suarez returns home


Since leaving Atletico Madrid at the end of his contract this summer, he has been linked with numerous clubs. One of the best strikers in the world in the last decade, the former Ajax, Liverpool and Barcelona player, according to South American media, has made the final decision. After 16 years, Luis Suarez returns to the club where he started his professional career – Nacional from Montevideo.

People from one of the most successful clubs in South American football have been campaigning for Suarez to return home for days. Even Nacional’s first man, Jose Fuentes, personally traveled to Spain to speak with Pistolero. In the end, apparently, he managed to convince him and in the coming days the best scorer in the history of the Uruguayan national team is expected to put his initials on a four-month collaboration.

After parting ways with the Quilters, it was clear to Suarez that his competitive ambitions came first. That he wants to be in the middle where he will play continuously and thus prepare in the best way for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Fourth and last in an impressive career.

It looked like he could boost Argentine giants River Plata, but fell flat when the Millionaires were eliminated in the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores. Allegedly, his services were also offered to Borussia Dortmund, when the German club revealed the terrible news that striker Sebastian Alle had a tumor on his testicles.


It seems that the heart has decided. After the meeting with Suarez, the president of Nacional was full of optimism.

“We had a very pleasant and positive meeting. The family was present and above all I have to say that Suarez is touched by the love shown to him by all of Uruguay. I would ask the fans to keep doing that because they have an impact on him and his family. We are close to an agreement. We miss him a little. “Only if he agrees anyway, because the family has already done it,” said Jose Fuentes.

Suarez has been the number one topic in his homeland for several days now. Fans flooded social media with his pictures. In the ninth minute of the match in the Uruguayan Primera against Cerrito, as many as 15,000 supporters of Nacional put on masks with his face.