(Video)Ten Hag swears at his player: Hold the ball, this is f***ing garbage!


The Dutch strategist Eric Ten Haag tries to impose authority from the very beginning, that is, that there will be no privileged footballers on the field.

In the previous seasons, United often had failures on several fronts, so the club believes that with the Dutchman they will return to the top.

Judging from the beginning, that the coach is “harsh” in training, clearly shows positive signals for a high hierarchy and discipline that is in process.

At one of the last trainings, Eric Ten Haag yelled at one of his football players on the field with curses, one of which was the most pronounced… “so this is eb*** shit!”.


A young player named Zidane Iqbal was the player that Ten Hag roared about for his desperate performance, but in doing so he announces that even bigger players than him will not be spared if they make a mistake.

“Hold the ball, aman, this is f*** rubbish and shit,” were Ten Haag’s comments to Igbal.

Fans of this attitude expressed satisfaction and hope that finally this will be the coach who will straighten things out and instill discipline and responsibility in the players.