Icardi has an offer from Serie A – he turned it down for an incredible reason!


Mauro Icardi does not seem to be leaving PSG this summer after all.

The Argentine footballer has several offers on the table at the moment, he has been linked with Roma, Nice and even Berlusconi’s Monza, but he does not want to move from Paris.

Although he is not the coach’s first choice, he feels comfortable there and his income is quite solid, so he is not thinking about a transfer.

In PSG, they hoped to sell him, but he refuses a transfer, which means that we will see him in some of the matches of the French club next summer.


Mauro Icardi has two more years left on his contract with PSG, which is certainly a difficult situation for the club from Paris, because he consciously does not want to leave and they will have to pay him for two more years.

Jose Mourinho requested this player for Roma, they informed the player that PSG has an offer, but he refused to negotiate, on the other hand, Roma cannot pay his salary.