“Milan, we have a problem”: Lukaku brought with him something that he must now eliminate!


After returning to Milan, Romelu Lukaku brought with him a problem that he will have to solve in the next two weeks.

He was sold to Chelsea last season for 113 million euros, and now he was bought again by Inter for 80 million euros.

Lukaku will have to regain his recognizable brilliance in the attack, but before that, he will have to deal with one of his anomalies – his weight.

The Belgian returned to Milan with too many kilos, so the club immediately informed him that he must return to the right form.


“Lukaku can eat salad, fish, chicken, pasta and gnocchi.” What he must not use in his diet is potato, fried and spicy food, mozzarella, drinks with sweeteners and alcohol,” writes Gazeta delo sport.

Now it’s up to the Belgian to follow those instructions and definitely get back into top form.