New, even tougher penalties for fans have been introduced in England!

Before the start of the new football season in England, new, much stricter penalties than the previous ones have been introduced, and they especially apply to fans who will use pyrotechnic devices at matches or those who will run onto the lawn itself. Such fans will, among other things, be automatically punished with a future ban from entering the stadiums, and it was all prompted by the unpleasant scenes at the end of the last football season.

Then, for example, Patrick Vieira, the manager of Crystal Palace, and a fan had close contact on the pitch, while in the play-off, a fan of Nottingham Forest physically attacked the captain of Sheffield United and punched him hard in the face.

“This is a clear message that we will not tolerate any outbursts in future in English football, and any dangerous behavior will be rigorously punished,” said the leaders of the local football association.

The new measures for fans start from the first day of the season, and let’s remind that the new season in the Premier League starts on August 5 with the match between Crystal Palace and Arsenal. The title is defended by Manchester City.