In Madrid they rejoice because of Ronaldo, Perez was right!

Cristiano Ronaldo cannot find a club, and Madrid’s “Marca” wrote about this topic today.

“Marka” reminds that Ronaldo left Real Madrid in 2018 when he went to Juventus and since then he has not been the same player.

Despite winning the Scudetto, Ronaldo was in decline at Juventus, which is why the club decided to sell him last summer.

The Portuguese was also the top scorer at Manchester United, but the team was not competitive in the fight for trophies and that is why Ronaldo wants to leave.

The problem is that no one likes Ronaldo and “Marca” is somehow happy about Real’s decision to sell him for 100 million euros at the right time.

Bayern Munich, PSG, Chelsea and Real Madrid rejected the possibility of bringing Ronaldo this summer, so his only option in the Champions League is Atlético Madrid.

However, the president of Atlético is not in favor of these rumors, so “Marca” concludes that Ronaldo has never found himself in such a situation. It’s simple – nobody wants him, and that’s at a time when he thinks he deserves to be part of a team fighting for the Champions League.

The Portuguese will undergo tests today and begin training with United, with the Premier League starting in just nine days. Ronaldo’s future is still uncertain