De Jong’s case also reached the trade unionists, his labor rights must be met!


Barcelona spent a significant amount of money in this transfer window to bring in new players, mainly Robert Lewandowski and Rafinha. The arrival of Kunde is also awaited. The amounts handled by the public are already astronomical, and there are several sources who claim that the compensation is even higher than the club wants to admit.

Significant spending combined with well-known financial problems forced Barcelona to make cuts, and the club’s leaders turned first to the contracts of the highest-paid players. One of them is Frankie De Jong, to whom the club already owes what was guaranteed by the old contract, and now they want to force him to sign a new one, according to which he would have half the income.

De Jong doesn’t want it, so it’s on the sale list. Barcelona and Manchester United, where he wants his former Ajax coach Erik Ten Haag, have reportedly already agreed a 85 million euro compensation, but the Dutchman simply does not want to leave and is demanding the money he was originally promised in Catalonia.


In this he received the support of a good part of the football public. Today, the president of the Dutch Football Association, himself a former football player, Yevhen Levchenko, announced through the Dutch media:

“The union is here to protect all players. “Barcelona put him on the sidelines and want to kick him out, the International Federation of Professional Footballers should protest.”

Levchenko states that De Jong is in danger of being punished by not playing because of the request to fulfill his labor rights:

“Barcelona will try to break him that way and not playing is devastating for a young player. This situation is pure extortion. I suggest that he does not take a pay cut. The club should bear full responsibility. The players are not to blame for the financial chaos that has ensued.”