Juventus on the verge of collapse: Allegri removed the captain from the team


If the season could end now, we believe Juventus fans would accept it immediately.
The reason is of course the terrible performance of their team since the beginning of the season and the results they achieved in the past period in the championship, but also in the Champions League.
Juventus is only in the last position in the Italian championship, while in the Champions League they recorded two defeats in the two matches played. The defeats came in the away game against PSG, and at home against Benfica.

The situation in the club is not good at all, especially since no one wants to accept the blame, and the question is when the fans will react and demand some big changes.
Especially shocking was the last defeat experienced by the Juventus team, in the domestic championship, where every season it is expected to fight for the title.
Namely, they visited the newcomers in the league, the Monza team, and recorded a minimal defeat. To make matters worse for Juventus, it was Monza’s first win of the season.
It was also interesting that team captain Leonardo Bonucci did not play a single minute against Monza, and the real reason was not known. Allegri’s assistant said immediately after the match that he was left out for technical reasons.


However, the media from Italy very quickly found new information and reported that Bonucci was actually left out of the squad for a specific reason, which is the statement he made after the defeat to Benfica in the Champions League.

“I’m worried.” I am concerned about the situation we are in. There is no point in saying things are good when they simply aren’t. We lose our game during matches. “I don’t know why it happens, but that’s what worries me the most, even more than the bad results,” said Bonucci.

It is clear that with these words he alluded to problems that are in the domain of the coach, and Allegri obviously reacted immediately and removed him from the team.

However, that removal was not the only problem Bonucci faced as Juventus fans released a statement about him. The press release clearly states that he has never been and will never be the leader of their team.