When one cycle is not enough, the hot autumn of the great coaches!


Tuchel who was fired almost before he started. Allegri and Inzaghi on the verge of dismissal, and meanwhile neither Klopp nor Nagelsmann are doing well. It is about coaches of the highest levels, European champions or runners-up. The rare coincidence is that their autumn, even with zero-sum salaries behind it, is very hot, even scorching.

Maybe even with the long pause of the World Cup in Qatar, which can make the owners impatient by making decisions to fire him. Even at Bayern, the European club with more stability, Oliver Kahn had to refute rumors about the coach’s retirement. A sacking at Bayern in September had never been seen before. They are no longer the Germans of the past…

Now it is too soon to talk about the end of a cycle or a school, but the signals coming from the Premier League, Serie A or the Bundesliga impose a reflection on the dynamics of football, which in the last decade has raised the leader of the bench to the status that it used to be known only to the biggest phenoms of the field.

Tough times for some of the biggest coaches today, but with different situations. That of Tuchel, a two-time Champions League finalist with two different teams (PSG and Chelsea), was a sensational achievement. After his dismissal beyond tactical choices, or even the tension shown in the case with Conte, it seems that personal relationships are also involved.

Another story for Klopp, less academic but more motivating in the spirit he imposes on Liverpool. There is the impression that he fell into the human error of not realizing that a cycle can be closed as early as the eighth year, worse than a marriage. Especially if the big players are a little too old to keep pace and the youngsters aren’t up to it. Interestingly, in this last summer crisis, all the modern myths of the German school, students of Ragnik, the professor of counter-pressing, have fallen.


Nagelsmann, 35 years old, from the PlayStation generation, is also in trouble. Two successes with Barca and Inter in the Champions League, fifth in the Bundesliga, a true absurdity. Accused of being a genius, a mad doctor, or simply excessive, Nagelsmann is certainly no ordinary guy. It remains to be seen if he will withstand the counter-pressure he is not used to.

The same issue applies to Allegri and Inzaghi. Before the start of the season, they were in the virtual podium of Series A together with Pioli, today they are unwanted by their respective fans. A little convincing in their choices, in management and communication, maybe a little unlucky. Perhaps what is missing today is courage once in a while. Since they once had it, they should highlight it again. As Tuchel will not be late to find a team again, something that is not so certain for them.