Pique had enough: Don’t trust her nothing!


The incredible “soap opera” between Shakira and Gerard Pique continues. Their divorce in the middle of the year caused a lot of interest in the public and after that moment the media did not give up on this famous couple who does not “treat” with new scenes every day.

In a recent interview with Ella magazine, Shakira said she moved to Spain so Pique could build a career.
Gerrard is a footballer and loves to play football and win trophies. I had to be with him. One of us had to make a sacrifice. One of us had to make an effort, and I was that one. I put my career on the back burner and came to Spain to support him in continuing his football career and winning trophies. It was proof of love,” said the singer, among other things.

This statement angered Pique, who responded brutally to the Colombian singer.
“Don’t believe anything he says. She just wants to be the biggest victim in this story. Sometimes I hate her words”, said the upset Pique.


A source close to the Spanish footballer said that Shakira likes to make big scenes without any need.
“Pique has always been a good husband, and personally also a father. He took the children to school on trips, took care of the family. And he achieved all that in addition to his football career, which is extremely difficult and exhausting.”

The next episode of this famous couple should be in court where they will decide on the custody of the children.
A photo recently surfaced of the couple having a heated argument on a yacht, all in front of the children, further horrifying their fans.

This whole story will not have an end for a long time, and it seems that we are seeing more and more poison darts being pointed at each other. The media in Spain follow their every move, so they can hardly hide anything, which is certainly another flame in the whole fire they caused in the middle of this year.