Photo: Barcelona vs Real Madrid “fight” on Facebook

Barcelona and Real Madrid are not just rivals on the football field. Two big Spanish clubs are making a “war” in Facebook recently.
Barcelona’s official website on Facebook, which has more than 99 million likes is “fighting” with Real Madrid fan page which also has more than 99 million likes, which will reach 100 million by the first.

And to help achieve 100 Million, these two pags are using the official pages of their players.

Neymar official page, which has about 60 million likes, is sharing  Barcelona page posts, in order to increase site activity and likes.

The same is also making Ronaldo page (which has more than 120 million likes), which is sharing pictures of the Real Madrid official Facebook page.

In the pictures shown below, you can see the “fight” between Barcelona and Real Madrid to reach 100 million.