The club with a long tradition in the Premier League is sinking, the owner does not call


Fans have raised their voices and are warning of the demise of the iconic club on the Island. There is no owner, the team is fighting as hard as it can, but the future of West Bromwich Albion is in question.

The popular WBA is at the bottom of the Championship, they recorded a series of four victories, which gives them the opportunity to breathe easier, but after the results, the fans are more worried about the general situation in the club.

The media on the Island reports that the owner of the club, Chinese businessman Lai Guchuan, has not been in touch for a long time.

To make matters even stranger, he hasn’t visited the club in over a month, let alone a game. All this is strange to the fans and they are rightly worried about what awaits their club in the coming period?


The club is currently paralyzed. They are in a far from ideal situation financially and there are signs that they could be fighting the fate of a now recovering Derby County.

WBA was a regular participant in the Premier League and is one of the oldest clubs in England. WBA is also considered one of the founders of football on the island, and in 1920 they were champions of England.

They also have five FA Cup trophies under their belt, the last being won in 1968. There are no winds of optimism and hope blowing at the iconic Hawthorn Stadium, fans even announce protests if they do not get answers to some questions.