Shocking: France’s players were poisoned on purpose, so that Messi could win the World Cup


The British journalist, Piers Morgan, who earlier in November interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo, made a post on social networks, where he said that the players of France were poisoned with the intention that the World Cup would go to the hands of Lionel Messi of Argentina. .
Two days before the big final, the French national team was going through a crisis, which worried many fans of this national team, since a flu called ‘Camel Flu’ was spread in the camp, with which five footballers were poisoned.
Upamecano and Rabiot had already missed the semi-final match for the same reason, while the preparatory training for the final was also done without Varane, Konate and Coman.
But the good news came yesterday when it was learned that all the players have joined the group in the camp and there is no such concern anymore.
But the British journalist believes in conspiracy theories, perhaps because Lionel Messi is very close to winning the World Cup for the first time, as Argentina is currently leading 2:0 over France.
“It wasn’t a virus, the French team was poisoned on purpose.”