A recording of Lovren’s verbal duel with journalists was released: Shame on you, you didn’t believe in us


Yesterday, Croatia managed to beat Morocco in the duel for the bronze medal, but despite the great joy and celebration, one of them managed to make a scandal.

Namely, after the match, Dejan Lovren managed to get into a war with some of the Croatian journalists, whom he believes wrote about him in a wrong and negative context at this World Cup.

The entire celebration was marred by the behavior of Dejan Lovren, who drew attention with his shouting at Croatian journalists.

Lovren didn’t want to make a statement at first, even though they asked him if he could when he was walking past, but then he came back, ready to verbally argue with them.


“Who’s laughing here?” Lovren asked, while one of the journalists answered him… “we’re not laughing for you.

“What is this way, you are all against and laugh and joke with us. You are not happy about this success. From the beginning you didn’t believe in us, so now you’re making fun of all of us, bastards,” were Lovren’s words.

Immediately after the match, an audio recording of the unwanted scene appeared, which you can listen to