They joke about Ronaldo’s suffering, a Mexican giant has already introduced him as a member (Photo)


Mexican club Cruz Azul joked about the plight of Cristiano Ronaldo, who cannot f ind a new club, and announced that they have signed a one and a half year contract with him.


“Welcome Cristiano Ronaldo” is the announcement with the Cruz Azul shirt in the hands of the popular CR7.

Ronaldo left Manchester United at the age of 37 and is struggling to find a new club.

He wants it to be a participant in the Champions League, but although his manager has offered him almost everywhere, for now no one wants him.

Ronaldo has a rich offer from Al Nasser of Saudi Arabia worth 1.2 billion to sign a 7-year contract, but for now there is no realization.

Cruz Azul is a Mexican giant with 9 titles and six in the Champions League in the CONCACAF zone, making them the second most trophy club in that competition.