Erdoğan’s crazy theory: Ronaldo at the World Cup was the victim of a political conspiracy

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Cristiano Ronaldo had no chance of winning the World Cup title in Qatar due to a political veto, that is, a conspiracy.

The Portuguese suffered because he publicly supported the Palestinian cause, which, according to him, was not acceptable to the European world. Interestingly, Erdogan did not explain what he meant by “supporting the Palestinian cause” and when such a thing happened, but instead referred to the tactics of Portuguese coach Fernando Santos.

“Introducing a player like Ronaldo 30 minutes before the end destroys his psychology and energy. “According to the information I have, he will move to Saudi Arabia,” Erdogan said.

It is obvious that the Turkish president is commenting on things that he does not know very well and he is doing it extremely clumsily.