(VIDEO)The camera showed what Mbappe was doing as the referee sent Neymar off


The French champion PSG managed to beat Strasbourg 2:1 yesterday, and in this match the Brazilian forward Neymar received a red card and will not be in the team’s next action scheduled for January 1.

Neymar received two yellow cards in two minutes. The first was for a foul, then he tried to force a penalty. Referee Clement Turpin thought he was faking, showing him a yellow card and then a red.

The Brazilian did not accept this decision. He also decided to “show” the judge, which could make the punishment even greater, and it was interesting to see Kylian Mbappe’s reaction to everything.

The Frenchman has had a rather strained relationship with Neymar in recent months, but the camera shows he didn’t care when he saw his team-mate have to leave the pitch.


“You can’t give a red card,” Mbappé repeated several times in front of referee Turpin, but it was all in vain.

Then Neymar appeared along with the rest of the football players. He violently assaulted Turpin and many harsh words were allegedly said.