Brazil shocked over Neymar gesture on Pele’s last days!?


Neymar is currently Brazil’s biggest star and has come under fire from the public after failing to attend Pele’s funeral.

Santos is the club where Neymar developed, and that club “brought” him and the “king of football”. Pele spent almost his entire career in Santos. Everyone expected Neymar to show up at the funeral, but that didn’t happen.

Neymar certainly has an excuse with his obligations at PSG, but the Brazilians remind us that he previously knew how to be released for various parties and carnivals.

“Surely Neymar could have easily convinced PSG to get permission to attend the funeral.” Several times he asked permission for various parties and got it. How could he not get permission to attend the funeral of the greatest in history and his countryman?


As Brazil’s biggest star at this moment, Neymar had the obligation to come to Pele’s funeral and say goodbye to him, it was important for Brazilian football,” the Brazilians criticize.

At Pele’s funeral, his father appeared on behalf of Neymar’s entire family.