Hazard is on the perfect route to ruin his career: Now even his rivals are mocking him


At one time he was considered a goal machine while he was a Chelsea player, but after the transfer to Real Madrid, Eden Hazard, completely lost himself.

The Belgian came under fire from the fans, and some of the rivals, for the fact that he is not active at all and because he obviously has a lot of weight on him after the World Cup.

Hazard got a chance to play in the King’s Cup, against the fourth league side Casereno, and Rodrigo’s goal in the second half took Real to the next stage, the round of 16.


But obviously, Hazard’s performance on the field was one of the stories of the evening. He entered the game in the 67th minute, did not even register a single official shot at the goal, but did not avoid the comments.

Because of his weight, which is evident, Casereno’s footballer, Carmelo Meresiano, criticized him after the match.

“Hazard?” He doesn’t like football. He doesn’t want to play, he doesn’t want to run, nothing. He is completely disinterested,” Meresiano told Diario AS.