The most trophy-winning ones add gas and will have a chance for the PL title? This is what the former United player claims


Manchester United in excellent form welcome City today in the derby of the Premier League round.

There is no doubt that this will be the most watched match today around the world, and many of the former United football players hope or wish for the victory of the “devils”, which would possibly make the championship even more interesting.

Arsenal is the leader with a five-point advantage, so City knows that they have no right to make a mistake and that they must win today if they want to keep up with Arsenal.

But former United ace Owen Hargreaves believes the Ten Haag side have a chance of winning this afternoon.


“Can they win the league with so few goals scored?” Probably not, judging by what has happened so far, but they have incredible pace and they are currently the only team playing on four fronts. They will probably have a chance to win a trophy, it is possible,” Hargreaves believes.

United have not won a Premier League title since the departure of Alex Ferguson in 2013, meaning they have been dreaming of it for a decade.