(VIDEO)The referee fell as if mowed down, an unprecedented scene followed in the world of football


It was supposed to be just another day at work. Another away game. Instead, English referee Sam Purkis experienced difficult moments and strong emotions that he will never forget.

What happened in the match between Swindon Town and Grimsby Town literally went around the world and is rightly destined to be among the most interesting scenes of the season.

On the occasion of a match played in League 2, the English fourth division player, poor Purkis, met with an accident during the match. Not l ong after ten minutes of play with the score 0:0, the referee was literally knocked down by the ball.


The defender of the home team kicked the ball hard to “clear” his penalty area. The ball hit the face of the referee at full speed, whose vision was covered and therefore he did not notice the arrival of the ball.

It was a terrible blow for the referee who collapsed on the field. The players of both teams immediately intervened, very concerned about the condition of the head referee, and called the attention of the doctors.

Emergency treatment followed for Purkis, who raised the white flag after a few minutes. The doctors decided not to let him continue the match, so the fourth referee took his place.

Purkis was carried off the field on a stretcher and en route to the locker room. He received a standing ovation from the entire stadium.

Fortunately for him, it was nothing serious. He got up in the medical room at the stadium, which was certainly a great relief for everyone