“Georgina, agent to destroy Ronaldo”; absurd theory and 10 sensational facts


An absurd and sensational conspiracy theory about Cristiano Ronaldo’s Georgina Rodriguez, which also includes Lionel Messi, is circulating on the Internet and social networks. There are even 10 points, clues, which would form a Machiavellian plan designed to reveal the true nature of Georgina in Ronaldo’s life, which is reflected in the role of “spy to destroy CR7”. Here are all the moves Georgina would make year after year to plan the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s downfall:
1. In 2014, Georgina Rodriguez started a new job at Gucci, the company that has sponsored Messi since 2012. At that time, Georgina was unknown and didn’t have a good resume, so it’s a bit strange that she managed to get a job at such a big brand in the fashion world. Ronaldo met Georgina in a Gucci store in 2016. The curious fact is that Georgina moved from the Valencia store to the Madrid store just a month before meeting CR7. She had worked in Valencia for 2 years as a saleswoman before changing and immediately meeting Ronaldo.
2. The plan started the moment she met Ronaldo. They started meeting, going out, eating together. There he tried to feed him with unhealthy food to spoil the 22-year-old’s physique.
3. Kept pushing him away from football. Ronaldo also said in a recent interview that he had to sleep in different rooms the nights before matches in order to be calm. Georgina began a veritable brainwashing, taking him away from football.
4. Then he started starving him and not feeding him for several days between 2019 and 2020. This is the reason for the sudden “drop” in his speed and running.
5. He commented several times under Messi’s photos, even though he knew that Cristiano didn’t like this. Messi instead paid professional dancers to make Ronaldo jealous, trying to destroy his personal life, which affected the Portuguese’s performance on the pitch.
6. Messi has repeatedly posted about his visit to Las Vegas, a place where Ronaldo has a difficult history. This was clearly an attempt to infuriate the great rival. He knows CR7 can’t go there for football reasons. Did you notice that Ronaldo only started wearing glasses when Georgina came into his life? It ruined his vision.
7. It introduced anti-national qualities, which prevented him from giving 100% to Portugal, his country.
8. Georgina cut Ronaldo’s hair a week before the start of the World Cup. And the star from Madeira headed just inches wide of Bruno Fernandes’ cross.
9. When Ronaldo was going through a bad phase in his career, like when Ten Hag benched him, she uploaded photos of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner on the bench. An attempt to mock Cristiano and play with his mental health.
10. When Messi won his seventh Ballon d’Or, Georgina put 7 candles on his birthday cake, giving the impression that she was indirectly mocking Ronaldo. Poor Ronaldo didn’t even notice. That’s not all, Georgina recently posted a photo with “2”, taken with her hands. This is also the number of Ronaldo’s goals this season.