(VIDEO) Ronaldo “survived” the knockout, so he scored the first goal in Arabia from a penalty


The friendly match between the All Star team of AL Hilal and Al Nasr and PSG is in progress, and the current score after the first part is 1:2.

The visitors from France, the PSG team, took the first lead, and Leo Messi scored the goal, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s answer was awaited.

In the game, which was announced as the last match between these two football players, it was clear that both of them will want to score a goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo got a chance to equalize the score from a penalty kick in the 34th minute of the match and it is clear that he was confident.


The penalty was scored by the PSG goalkeeper, Keylor Navas, who knocked out Ronaldo and thus “gave” the Portuguese a chance.

However, the French champion gained a new advantage through Marquinhos in the 43rd minute when he shot for 1-2. The “Saints” could have had a more convincing advantage at the break, but Neymar did not realize a penalty in extra time.

And then he put Ronaldo on stage, who made it 2-2 with another goal.