Ancelotti clear, precise and concise: Why we didn’t shop this winter

Real Madrid failed to sign a single player this winter, and many fans wondered why Ancelotti decided on such a move.

They probably had an option to bring in a player, however, Real remained calm in the winter transfer period and did not bring anyone, and precisely on that topic, Ancelotti explained why Real Madrid was not active in the transfer market.

“We didn’t need players, that’s why we didn’t go on the market. If you have a good plan in the summer transfer period, then you don’t need shopping in the winter. When you carry someone in January, it means that something is happening, that something is wrong, that there are injuries or something else. We are good and that’s why we didn’t trade anyone,” said Ancelotti.

Real Madrid is currently behind in the Primera table behind the leader Barcelona by 5 points, and tomorrow they play their match against Valencia.