Real Madrid and Barcelona lose the right to “El Clasico”

Real Madrid and Barcelona will no longer be able to use the term ‘El Clasico’ in their marketing. According to Relevo, they have lost their bid to patent the term.

They report that the Patent and Trademark Office in Spain has rejected their request to patent that phrase.

They consider it very close to the LaLiga brand slogan ‘ElClasico’, which has already been patented by the league.

The two clubs, working side by side again, will have a month to appeal the decision. If they are refused again, they can take the case to an international court.

Their reasoning was that the ‘El Clasico’ brand is very similar and could be confused with the other slogan, which belongs to La Liga.

It prevents clubs from using the phrase to guide marketing campaigns and prevents them from using it for TV deals when playing friendlies or international competitions.

This is just the latest in a number of issues that serve as battles in an all-out war between Barcelona and Real Madrid, and La Liga.