The Messi effect – Inter Miami with a staggering increase in the price of the ticket for the same match after the transfer of the Argentine


The Argentine star ends his contract with Paris Saint-Germain at the end of this season and was expected to make a big return to Barcelona or move to Saudi Arabia to Al Hilal.

However, Messi surprised everyone yesterday (Wednesday) when he confirmed that he will be moving to Mayor League Soccer’s Inter Miami.

The club owned by English legend David Beckham has made a big splash with the transfer of the Argentine star as the first effects have already begun.


But, for Messi’s debut at Inter Miami, we have to wait until July 21, when this team will host the Mexican team Cruz Azul.

For this match, the cheapest ticket was 29 dollars, while after Messi’s confirmation, this ticket now costs no less than 467 dollars.

Messi’s effect is being felt even before arriving in Miami, as this increase in ticket prices is 16 times more expensive.