Barcelona comes out with an official position regarding the news linking Mbappe to the club

The Barcelona expedition in Los Angeles woke up to a shock on the phones due to information published by L’Equipe announcing a meeting between PSG and the Catalan club to negotiate for Kylian Mbappe.

It took the La Liga club a while to put the rumors to rest.

Inside the club, it is considered a maneuver by PSG through a similar medium to somehow make Real Madrid nervous.

Barça makes it clear that it has nothing to do with this matter. They neither have the economic muscle to afford such an operation nor can they enter a competition in which Madrid has years of advantage.

“Barça has nothing to do here”, they make it clear from the club. The members of the technical leadership, with Mateu Alemany at the head and the board, almost all in Los Angeles, distanced themselves from this.

Barcelona, to this day, is something that has nothing to do with the reality of Mbappe, Real Madrid and PSG.