Timothy Weah predicts who will assist his first Juventus goal

Timothy Weah has revealed he did what it took to join Juventus and can now predict his debut goal for the club.

The son of AC Milan legend George Weah, who is now the president of Liberia, grew up in the public eye and hearing about the glory days of Italian football.

All this contributed to bringing him to Turin this summer from Lille at a cost of 11.3 million euros plus bonuses.

“It’s a blessing to play for such a beautiful club,” Weah told fans in a live interview on Twitch.

“A few months before I got a call from Juventus, I was playing video games and my team was Juventus. Then when they told me that Juventus were coming to see me and I played really well – it was something fantastic that day. “Once they got interested, I knew I was going to do whatever it took to get here.”
Weah even went so far as to predict how he will score his first goal for Juventus and that Locatelli will be the assist.

“My first Juventus goal will definitely be from an assist from Loca. He always follows me, so I already know that I’m going to make that run and he’s going to follow me,” added Timothy.