Danilo surprises everyone with his statement, supporting the decision to exclude Juventus from the Conference League

Juventus has been excluded from the Conference League for the new season and its place will be taken by Fiorentina.

Until the exclusion of the Old Lady came the cause of financial fair play and the captain of the whites, Brazilian Danilo, has also spoken about this.

The 32-year-old has described as right the decision to exclude Juventus from European competitions, even though he admits that they would like to play.

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The Brazilian representative said that the focus is to focus on the Italian championship and the Italian Cup, they want to bring back the two trophies.

“Of course we would have liked to play in European competitions, but the right decision was made. This year we will focus on the championship and the Italian Cup”.

“Our objective is to win the championship title again. We want to return Juventus to the best team in Italy. We are missing the title and we want to return to the top”, declared the Brazilian defender.

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After Leonardo Bonucci is expected to leave, the first captain of the Old Lady will be Danilo, who starts his fifth season with the white jersey.