Anxiety in Croatia, the plane of Dinamo Zagreb disappears for an hour from the radar


An hour of anxiety was experienced by everyone in Croatia, as the plane carrying the Dinamo Zagreb team to Kazakhstan disappeared from the radar.

The alarm was raised in Croatia during the flight of the Dinamo Zagreb team to Kazakhstan, where on Wednesday they will face Astana, in the second qualifying match for the Champions League.

Specifically, as Croatian media reports, Dinamo’s mission plane flew over Serbia and Bulgaria shortly before it disappeared from radar over the Black Sea.

Some who were following the course of the flight “froze” and signaled an alarm on social networks. However, the incident was quickly explained and everyone calmed down.


As mentioned in Croatian this is a standard procedure followed for many flights over the Black Sea and the reason is that this area is very close to Ukrainian airspace.

After an hour, Dinamo’s plane appeared on the radar again, specifically when it entered the airspace of Georgia, continuing its flight to Kazakhstan.