Klopp is convinced: City alone for the title, the rest of us must fight for the top four

Jurgen Klopp is convinced that only Manchester City are worthy of the Premier League title.

Although Liverpool fans expect their team to return to the fight for the title, manager Jurgen Klopp thinks otherwise.

The German coach has said that the other teams should only fight for a position in the Champions League, as the title is very difficult.

“I think only Manchester City has the luxury of thinking about the title at the moment, the rest of us have to look and secure one of the top four places in the Premier League as soon as possible.”

“Liverpool is also included here, the sooner you secure participation in the Champions League, the more opportunities you have to advance to the title race,” said Klopp.

However, Klopp says that for now he only thinks about the preparatory phase and creating the right harmony within the team

“I don’t know if my team will be in that position. We need to collect a lot of points, even though a club like Liverpool has to be in the competition and among the favorites for titles. Right now, I’m not thinking about the championship, we have to finish the preparatory phase in the right way”.

“For me, it is important to create the right harmony in the team, as that is the basis for a positive season. If we succeed, then we can do well in the Premier League competition”, declared the German coach.