Chelsea on alert, this summer’s most expensive transfer injured


Chelsea played a friendly match with Borussia Dortmund where they drew 1-1.

However, this friendly has left a bitter taste in the London camp, as Christopher Nkunku suffered an injury and left the field only after 22 minutes of play.

The French striker who is the most expensive transfer of the Londoners this summer was injured during a duel with the German defender Matts Hummels.

Chelsea coach Mauricio Pochettino also spoke about Nkunkus’ injury, saying that they are waiting for new tests for the Frenchman.

“The doctors are checking it and I hope it’s not a big problem. He was injured in action which was probably a penalty and he feels something in his knee, but hopefully it’s nothing big,” confirmed Pochettino.


“We hope he will be back with the team soon. We need a few days to evaluate it. “Maybe the field was a factor in the injury.”

“We took some risks because the field is not perfect because the facilities are used for another sport. However, we won’t blame the pitch for the damage. It was bad luck for me,” said Pochettino. /Telegraph/