He made a normal request to Lionel Messi: Inter Miami fires the stadium maintenance man

Inter Miami has had no mercy for the employee of the DRV PNK Stadium di Fort Lauderdale, who has not resisted the temptation to ask for an autograph from Lionel Messi when he saw the Argentine.

The event was narrated to La Nacion by the person himself, named Cristian Salamanca.

“I had to clean the bathrooms in the area where the buses are parked”, he said initially.

“Fortunately, I was outside when the bus arrived and all the players got off. The last one was Messi. It was enough to call him: ‘Hey, world champion; and he turned and looked at me'”.

At that moment, the man did something more and asked him for his autograph: “I lifted the jersey of the work uniform and underneath it I had that of Argentina and a pen.”

“He gave me his autograph. Security came right away and got me out. They fired me, but it was worth it”, he revealed further.