A crazy offer of millions of euros per year – the reason for Mancini’s resignation from Italy is learned


Roberto Mancini has resigned as coach of the Italian national team, but he won’t be out of a job for long.

The reason that Mancini has resigned as the coach of Italy has nothing to do with his private life, but behind it lies a crazy offer from Saudi Arabia.

The Italian media have learned that it is about a three-year contract to lead the representative of Saudi Arabia from the Italian coach.

The Italian coach has reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia from which he will benefit from 20 million euros per year, an amount he would never secure in Italian football.


Such a staggering figure has made Mancini decide to leave a representative with a name like Italy, to go to the Middle East.

The officialization of Mancini at the head of the representative of Saudi Arabia is expected to take place this week, while it remains to be seen who will lead Italy.

Luciano Spalletti is the main favorite, as he is already free and has expressed his willingness to take over the leadership of the Italian representative.