Mancini breaks his silence and reveals the reason for his sudden departure from Italy: I have not betrayed anyone


Roberto Mancini has surprised everyone by leaving the management of the Italian representative.

Mancini had taken this decision and announced it to the Italian Football Federation, as it was rumored that he will join Saudi Arabia.

However, the coach who won the European Championship broke his silence and revealed the reasons why he is calling for his departure from the Azzurri.

In an interview with the Italian daily ‘La Repubblica’, the Italian coach has shown that it was the FIGC president who did not want to keep him, causing him to offer his resignation.

“I didn’t do anything to be crucified like this. Once I resigned and said it was my choice, I took full responsibility for the decision. I didn’t hide. I had spoken with President Gravina and tried to explain my reasons”.

“I have never allowed myself to accuse anyone and in the end I find myself accused. I tried several times to talk to him and explain my reasons. I explained to him that in the last months he should have given me peace, he didn’t and I resigned,” said Mancini.


Then Mancini said that he did not betray Italy and that when he took the leadership of the Representative, he rejected the profitable opportunities.

Have I betrayed the national team? I have always been correct. Since I arrived in Italy, I gave up the most profitable opportunities, I made a choice and it was the most important work of my life. I won a European championship, it won’t be much, but in the meantime we won it. If Gravina had wanted to, he would have kept me, but he didn’t.”

“A signal would have been enough for me, he didn’t give me one. The truth is that he didn’t want me to stay and this situation had been going on for months. But Gravina will be remembered as the president who won the European Championship, not for the mistakes he made,” declared Mancini.