Real Madrid’s big plan for the transfer of Mbappe this summer is revealed – from Madrid’s offer, the pressure will shift to PSG


The future of Kylian Mbappe is still in question whether he will remain at PSG or leave.

The French striker has returned to play with Paris, but there is still no complete peace between him and the club.

With 10 days left until the end of the summer transfer window, Real Madrid are preparing for a final push for the transfer of the Frenchman.

It was the prestigious German newspaper Sport Bild that dropped the ‘bomb’ that Mbappe will join Real Madrid this summer.

There is more than a week left for the closing of the summer market and therefore the end (or not) of the telenovela “Kylian Mbappé”.

Still according to the German newspaper Florentino Perez knows he can transfer the Frenchman to the Santiago Bernabeu and is preparing an offer in the final days of the summer transfer window.


Los Blancos are expected to offer 120 million euros and the pressure would pass to PSG, who if they did not accept the offer then they will lose Mbappe with zero parameters after a year.

The German newspaper go further to say that Perez wants to sign Mbappe this summer as things could change in 2024 and he could fail to bring him to the squad.

However, it remains to be seen whether Real’s strategy will work at the end of August and whether Mbappe will be transferred to Madrid.