Barcelona’s biggest problem so far this season emerges


You can easily guess Barcelona’s weakest link this season.

Yes, it’s their conversion rate on chances per goal.

Barcelona have created at least five goalscoring chances in the first two games of this season – that also translates more accurately as nine big chances. However, only two of them were converted into goals.

Real Madrid, for its part, has generated only 3.1 chances per game, created only four big chances, but has scored 5 goals. They can score from nothing, while Barcelona need many chances to find the net, reports Marca.


Of course, this is partly to do with Robert Lewandowski’s poor form. However, there have been other occasions with different players involved, and yet Barça have struggled to score.

Starting more strikers instead of midfielders, placing Ferran Torres in the starting line-up and the form the Polish forward is going through could be worrying for Barcelona.