Arteta, annoyed with the Arabs, has a piece of advice for UEFA

The Arab teams have started to scare the European ones, as they are luring the big stars to transfer to the Middle East.

Many big names from European football have landed in Arabia in the last year such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Roberto Firmino and others.

However, this seems to be just the beginning for the Arab teams who are not stopping by spending staggering sums on their transfer and offering them multi-million dollar contracts.

The coach of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta has refused to allow the departure of the defender Gabriel who had a significant offer from Arabia.

Arteta has also advised UEFA that the transfer market in Saudi Arabia closes on August 31, like in Europe, and not open until September 20.’

“Now Arabia is a rival and I think the dates should change. I think it should be closed on the same day as the transfer market like in Europe”.

“They are a rival championship now which brings other opportunities to decide for players, coaches and other people who work in this industry. “We will in principle reject any offer after September 1, but this is something the club decides,” said Arteta.