Ancelotti like you’ve never seen before, loses his mind for a moment and rages at the Real star


Real Madrid have won their third consecutive victory in La Liga in as many matches played in the new season.

The Madrilenians narrowly defeated Celta Vigo on the road with a minimum score of 0-1, thanks to a late goal from Jude Bellingham.

Los Blancos were able to score earlier, but the Brazilian striker Rodrygo missed the penalty in the 68th minute of this challenge.

The loss of the penalty has extremely irritated the Italian technician Carlo Ancelotti, who is otherwise known as one of the calmest coaches.

Despite Luka Modric taking the penalty, Rodrygo appeared on the ball taking responsibility and missing it.

This caused Carlo Ancelotti to lose his mind for a moment after he appeared furious with the mistake of the Brazilian attacker.

The 64-year-old was caught on camera farting excessively and slamming a plastic bottle to the ground.


“None of the players has the freedom to choose who will take the penalties. I told Valverde that he had to hit Modric, but I don’t know what happened on the field.”

“The players chose to hit Modric and I didn’t have time to change it. I’m a little upset about this, but I know it’s a misunderstanding. It was a little difficult to communicate with the players on the pitch,” said Ancelotti after the match.


Anyway, at the end of the match, fortunately for Rodrygo, Madrid won thanks to a goal from Jude Bellingham in the 81st minute.