Ronaldinho could end up in prison again: It is revealed what he is accused of


According to multiple sources, Ronaldinho could end up in prison for the second time in his life.

The Barcelona legend is a suspect due to his association with a company called ’18kRonaldinho’, which is being investigated for running a fraudulent scheme.

The company initially dealt in watches and jewelry, but later moved into a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme, promising investors over 2 percent daily returns for a minimum investment of $30.

Affected customers of the company have filed a lawsuit seeking approximately $61.2 million from 18kRonaldinho.


Although Ronaldinho was only labeled as an ‘ambassador’, he is now accused of involvement in this financial fraud.

During the initial call, Ronaldinho deliberately did not appear before the Chamber of Deputies. Despite not yet being found guilty, repeated non-compliance could lead to the use of force by the police.

Ronaldinho’s lawyers say he was actually a “victim” of the company.

They claim the company used his name without permission to mislead people and mislead them, making him appear responsible.