Manchester United under pressure, may remove Brazilian Antony from the team after accusations of assault


New troubles for Manchester United, after the investigation into Mason Greenwood is closed, there is now another issue in the Red Devils camp.

Manchester United are considering dropping Antony from the first team over allegations of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend, reports Brazilian media outlet UOL.

Gabriela Cavallin, a DJ and influencer, filed police reports against Antony in both their native Brazil and England, and investigations are ongoing.

UOL published the new allegations against the 23-year-old Brazilian international, including WhatsApp footage and photographs of injuries.

The Brazilian’s ex-girlfriend claimed Antony headbutted and punched Cavalli while she was pregnant.

Antony has denied the allegations, however the forward has been left out of Brazil’s squad for the upcoming matches and Manchester United are expected to take action soon.


Manchester United nën presion, mund ta largojnë nga ekipi brazilianin Antony pas akuzave për sulm
“The information I had this morning is that the legal department in Manchester has contacted Dr. Vanessa [Gabriela’s lawyer in England] to schedule this meeting, this meeting has not yet taken place,” said the victim’s lawyer.

“We will hear what they intend to do in England. I don’t know what their goal is, but Gabriela’s wish as a victim is that these events don’t happen again, not only against her, but against any woman, anyone. who is the victim of a crime of the same nature”, Vanessa’s lawyer stated to the Brazilian medium UOL.