Milan will make revolution on the transfer market for 2017/18 season!

With the closing finally completed, Milan will look towards their future. According to Peppe Di Stefano of Sky Sport, the new Milan ownership will look to guarantee continuity in the squad. For this reason, the renewals of Donnarumma, Suso, and Montella will be a topic of discussion. The ownership will also look to keep Deulofeu and Pasalic by counting on the players’ desire to stay at the club. However, Barcelona and Chelsea must be convinced.

In defense, these are decisive months for Musacchio. There are many different names on Mirabelli’s list for strengthening the midfield. Kovacic is an idea, but De Rossi is an option Montella is open to. However, it would be a complicated transfer because De Rossi could renew with Roma or be unwilling to play for another Italian club. Milan has still demonstrated their appreciation for the player. Vidal is also liked by the club as Mirabelli has observed the midfielder multiple times in Germany. Luiz Gustavo is another Bundesliga target, and Milan recently encountered the player’s entourage. Cesc Fabregas is also of interest, but Chelsea is currently focused on the league; therefore, any negotiations will have to wait.

There are many big names Milan is interested in for their attack. Morata is the first, but Conte’s Chelsea is also very interested in the player. Benzema and Aubameyang are also targets, but would be difficult to convince if Milan fail to qualify for European football. Aubameyang would be more likely to seriously consider a proposal as he would not mind a return to Italy. Mirabelli has also considered Lacazette, but Atletico Madrid is ahead in any potential acquisition of the French star. Genoa’s desire for Lapadula lead to a counteroffer involving a trade for Simeone, but the club’s request for the player (25 million) halted any concrete interest.