Antony denies assault allegations in TV appearance


Manchester United forward Antony has appeared on Brazilian television to deny allegations of assault made against him by former girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin.

The 23-year-old is under investigation by police in both Manchester and Sao Paulo after Cavallin claimed to have been attacked by Antony on a number of occasions dating back to 2022, with United releasing a statement to confirm they are aware of the proceedings.

Antony was dropped from the Brazil squad as a result of the investigation, which he has now claimed is an attempt to “massacre” his career.

“I am 100% sure that I have never touched a woman,” he told Fofocalizando. “And I will come with the proof. People will see the truth.Report: Antony missed Manchester United fixture due to car cash

“I have never attacked and I never will attack. I’m sure I never committed physical violence. Verbal violence… I offended her [Cavallin] and she offended me too. It was on both sides. Physical violence, never.


“What I want most is to show the people that this is who I am. I want to achieve many things. I have many goals and many dreams. I want to show who I really am. I dream of returning to the national team and I want to show that Antony is innocent of all this.”

Asked whether he feared his contract with United could be terminated as a result of the allegations, Antony added: “It’s something that doesn’t cross my mind.

“I know the truth and it will come out. I know that many are massacring me, but the truth always comes out. United is on top of the investigation, everything. They are following and will continue to follow.”