Allegri talks about Pogba’s situation and Bonucci’s accusations

Juventus will face Lazio this Saturday, a valid meeting for the fourth week of Serie A, and on the eve of this match coach Max Allegri spoke.

Speaking to the media on the eve of this meeting, Allegri was asked about two issues in particular, that of Leonardo Bonucci who left the club and Paul Pogba who recently tested positive for doping.

“Bonucci? I think there is nothing to say, we have said a lot and there is nothing to add. I wish him success in and outside of football.”

But reporters insisted that the coach and the defender have different stories about what happened.

“The soap operas are on channel 5 and I don’t like them very much. I wish Leonardo luck, he went to a team that plays in the Champions League, he will also be important on a motivational level,” declared Allegri.

When asked about Pogba, he said that the club is very prepared for off-field issues.

“We are well prepared for matters off the field. For Pogba, I am sorry for the situation, but I have nothing else to add because there is a procedure in the process, there are people involved and I prefer to wait for the end of the procedure”, said the Italian coach.

Juventus managed to get 7 points in the first three rounds.