Real Madrid and Barcelona dominate the ‘business’ of jerseys: How much do clubs earn from advertising?

In a football that does not stop its spending on transfers, clubs around the world must look for additional income at every available opportunity. Although television rights are the most delicious source, there are also different sponsorships, such as ‘tickets’… or jerseys in their entire scope: from sales to the advertising spaces they offer.

In this context, Spanish football clearly rules with Real Madrid (190 million euros) and Barcelona (183 euros) as the two clubs that sell the most advertisements on their jerseys. After them, Paris Saint-Germain ranks third.

But first we need to explain how clubs can ‘use’ their jersey to the maximum.

In La Liga, up to five advertising spaces are allowed in it (apart from the shorts), while in other competitions such as Serie A, four are allowed. However, the franchise is more expensive and that is why many of the highest paying clubs have a single sponsor.

It is the example of Napoli, the champion of Italy, which has three… and last year it barely earned 11 million euros even though it had four: Lete, MSC, Amazon and Floki. Two on the front, one on the sleeve and one on the back.

Real Madrid only with Fly Emirates receives 70 million euros as the main front sponsor in the shirt.

Real Madrid and Barcelona rule

But we have to specify something important: the technical sponsor that produces the jerseys (Adidas, Nike, Puma…) is also an advertiser for the big clubs as they receive huge amounts of money for wearing the said brand.

This is where Real Madrid and Barcelona ‘sweep’ the rest of the teams in Europe. Only Manchester United is at the level of the two Spanish clubs.

This stems from the number of shirts they sell worldwide, equaled only by the British giant despite the bad moment the Old Trafford club is experiencing.

Real Madrid is the team with the most sold jersey, we can say: 190 million euros in total, of which 120 million euros come from Adidas and 70 million euros from Fly Emirates. And all without the need to have more sponsors on the sleeve or on the back of the jersey.

Barcelona manages to earn a total of 183 million euros, where 105 million euros come from the Nike company, 70 million euros from Spotify and 8 million from the agreement with Ambiligh TV to be the sponsor of the manga on the shirt.

PSG, Man City and other clubs

PSG comes in third place with 168 million euros of profits from Nike, Qatar Airways and GOAT, while Manchester City comes after them with 167.5 million euros from the sponsorships of Puma, Etihad and Nexen Tire.

Manchester United earns €169 million from Adidas and Team Viewer, Chelsea with €130 million from Nike and the shirt advertising company and Arsenal with €128 million from Adidas, Fly Emirates and Visit Rwanda.

Bayern Munich and Juventus have the same profits, from 110 million euros, where the majority comes from Adidas, while the Bavarians also earn from 50 Telecom and the Bianconeri from Jeep and 10 CyGames.

Liverpool completes the top ten clubs that earn the most from shirts, with a profit of 91 million euros, with 35 million coming from Nike, 47 million from Standard Chartered and 9 million from Expedia.